Summer menu reimagined at The Bombay Canteen

23 May 2022

Summer is the season of sunshine, mangoes, tadgolas, wood apples and endless frozen treats! Keeping in mind the scorching season, the all-new summer menu of The Bombay Canteen celebrates ‘summer and sunshine’ with an array of fresh, zesty, light and flavourful food. Curated by Executive Chef Hussain Shahzad, the seasonal offerings are inspired by everything we love about India – the food, the culture and the diverse regional cuisine.

Here’s looking at delicacies prepared in the kitchens of The Bombay Canteen.

Small plates

Rasam Vada

Inspired by flavours from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Rasam Vada is a cold clarified rasam served with tomato salad made of local red cherry, black indigo and sun peach gold tomatoes, served with some crunchy, cheesy, black garlic vadas.

Baigan Chokha

Then there is the Baigan Chokha – a smoky spin on Bihar’s famous Litti Chokha. Topped with tomato, cilantro oil, pickled chillies and fried garlic chips, it is served with the litti-inspired sattu papdi.

An ode to the Palak Patta Chaat is The Bombay Canteen’s Summer Greens Patta Chaat made with crispy fried amaranth, pui saag and spinach topped with chickpeas and generously drizzled with tomato chutney, spinach chutney, and pickled curd. Doesn’t that sound incredibly tempting?

In The Bombay Canteen, one can also find Corn Locho made with corn (instead of chana dal) and is topped with crispy corn, scallion chutney and locally made Belper Knolle (a type of Swiss cheese), and sprinkled with crunchy, corn chivda. Interestingly, the Locho is said to have emerged accidentally while preparing khaman in a traditional Gujarati kitchen.

Baigan Chokha

Do you find it hard to imagine a vegetarian Haleem? Then you’ve got to try the Millet Haleem – a silky stew made with slow-cooked rajma with barley and topped with puffed millets and crispy lotus roots and served with famed lamba pao, made famous by the traditional bakers located near Minara Masjid in Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai.

A seasonal menu change at The Bombay Canteen calls for a new version of the immensely popular Begum’s Baked Brie. This season, one can find sitting atop the finest Brie by artisanal cheese-maker Begum Victoria Cheese, a unique house-made Bael murabba, inspired by the many glasses of chilled sharbat we enjoyed while growing up. The Baked Brie is topped with pickled Bhavnagri chillies, toasted cashew nuts and fennel nipattu for crunch.

Konkani Chicken Sukka

There is also a wide selection of dishes for non-vegetarian diners. If one is looking for a dose of meaty small plates, one can try the Konkani Chicken Sukka cooked in a charred coconut masala with a dash of kokum.

Another option is the delicious Khasi Pork Taco from Meghalaya (which comes with grilled, sesame-crusted pork belly), Naga chilli salsa and is served over rice bhakri. Another option is the Chilled Seabass ‘Sev Puri’ with a zesty lemon chunda, raw mango chutney, and pickled chillies. That’s a lot of zing and spice to keep you in cool company!

Also, one can try the Kaladi Kulcha – a new entrant of The Kulcha Club – which is stuffed with Kashmir’s indigenous ripened Kaladi cheese, onion jam and muji chatin (a Kashmiri style chutney made with radish and mustard) served with a side of green tomato chutney.

Large plates

One can try the Smoked Petha and Mirch Salan in a nutty, peanut and sesame seed curry with malai paneer and masala chilli crisp or the Dak Bangla Chicken in spicy, caramelised onion curry with a soft-cooked egg. Or take for instance, the Shetty Hotel Style Fish Pulimunchi cooked in a tamarind-chilli masala and served with baby methi and radish salad. If you’re looking for something more hearty and wholesome, go for the Kizhi Parotta.

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