SKIDO- Smart Kitchen Drawers and Organisers, an innovative range of smart kitchen storage solutions from the house of Godrej

As part of Godrej kitchen systems business, Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems, introduced SKIDO - Smart Kitchen Drawers and Organisers, an innovative range of smart kitchen storage solutions.

26 Feb 2021

With the unique requirements of the Indian kitchen, SKIDO is designed in India with an aim to meet the kitchen users’ needs in the country. The range includes storage solutions for kitchen drawers, dedicated organisers for cutlery, cup, saucer, wok, frying pan, plates, containers, jars and bottles. They are easy-to-carry, multi-functional and convenient to install.

The kitchen storage solutions are a result of extensive research of Indian kitchens and different cooking styles prevalent in India. Indian cooking is elaborate and needs a diverse array of utensils. Thus, Godrej Locks, aims to make the lives of kitchen users easy and better with these storage solutions.

Commenting on the launch of SKIDO, Shyam Motwani, EVP and Business Head, Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems, said, “Today, people want to boost convenience factor in their kitchen by using professional tools and solutions. With the present circumstances of homes becoming the new workplaces, people now want to maximize productivity and have more sleek and functional kitchens. While western solutions already exist in the market, they do not meet the aesthetics, storage flexibility or utility needs of Indian kitchens. With our deep understanding of Indian kitchens, SKIDO will redefine the kitchen spaces by offering designed for India customised solutions with intelligent storage features.”

“The Indian modular kitchen market is pegged at over INR 2,500 crore with an expected CAGR of over 27% between 2019-2024. We see tremendous growth potential in this segment considering that 4% of our total sales were generated from this segment last year. In the next few years, our strategic focus would be to achieve INR 100 crore revenue from this segment.” added Mr Motwani.

Godrej Locks has been present in the Kitchen Systems category since 2015. The company offers various products like Ergo Drawers, Baskets, Corner Solutions, Tall Units, Soft Pro Systems, Drawer Channels, and Hinges. SKIDO is the latest offering under this segment. SKIDO starts at INR 15000-20000 per set and will be available across general trade and hardware.

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