Learn the basics of cheese making from cheesemongers Tejashwi Muppidi and Mansi Jasani

Do you know about blues, semisoft, tangy and block cheeses? How do you make perfect grilled cheese? What is the ideal bread to cheese ratio? What kind of bread will go with cheese? Learn all this and more with Chef Tejashwi Muppidi and Cheesemonger Mansi Jasani of The Cheese Collective.

03 Jul 2020

The duo will hold a workshop on Zoom at 5 pm on Saturday, July 4. All you have to do is register for the event at ‘The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Workshop’ https://insider.in/the-ultimate-grilled-cheese-workshop-jul4-2020/event. The workshop is priced at Rs 550.

Whether you want to make great cheese at home or you have dreams of becoming a professional cheesemaker, this workshop will equip you with all the information you need. In addition to learning everything you need to know to make yummy cheeses in your kitchen, you will have the opportunity to learn about the kinds of bread to use and the bread to cheese ratio. The added bonus is that you will be able to learn a classic pairing with a tomato and red bell pepper soup and the chemistry behind making oozy melty cheese.

Tejashwi worked as a banker in Hyderabad before she decided to give the corporate world a miss to follow her real passion, by taking up a culinary course in IHM Mumbai. She worked as a trainee at Gaylord’s and Indigo Deli. Thereafter, she went back to Hyderabad to co-establish a casual dining space Thinespo.

Her quest to learn more got her back to Mumbai again. Starting up as a partner chef with Holachef, serving over one-lakh dishes across Mumbai, she moved on to the head the kitchen at yet another start- up restaurant, Summer Garden in Powai. This was all before she found her way to Le15 Cafe in Colaba. 

From making, curating and writing to learning, educating and obsessing over cheese, Mansi Jasani is a cheesemonger at heart. Her internship at Murray’s, New York in 2012 followed by a cheese course from the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese were two of her starting steps in her cheese-making journey. 

Thereafter, she has co-authored the chapter on India in ‘The Oxford Companion to Cheese,’ done an intensive cheese course from Academie Opus Caseus, France and attended several cheese conferences and cheese festivals across the globe. Mansi’s passion and fervour can be witnessed through her brand The Cheese Collective and its various events, workshops and cheese tables.

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