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Why L’Affaire 2019 was a memorable event for Mumbai’s foodies

06 February 2019 , 0 comments / 0 likes
Foodies were in for a treat at L’Affaire 2019 – the Godrej group’s annual brand agnostic lifestyle soiree. Not only was the Godrej Food Trends Report 2019 unveiled at the event, but there were also amazing workshops that revolved around everyone’s favourite topics: food and drink! Here’s the low-down on the celebrities who held sessions

Sarah Todd
Chef Sarah Todd of MasterChef Australia fame held the first food-related workshop of the day. She demonstrated how easy it is to make flavourful yet healthier food. Through her recipes, Sarah also gave a modern twist to traditional ingredients and cooking methods. She chose to work with tahini, a sauce made from sesame seeds that is traditionally used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes. She showed the audience how to make a homemade tahini, followed by Tahini Marinated Chicken that was served with a tabbouleh salad, flatbreads and a yogurt and tahini sauce. The second dish that wowed the audience was Spiced Baked Kingfish in Tahini Sauce with Golden Onions. The lively session was peppered with questions from the audience and Sarah’s memories of her time shooting for MasterChef Australia.

Saransh Goila
Celebrity chef Saransh Goila, who also contributed to the Godrej Food Trends Report 2019, held a session on balancing indulgence and fitness after a 5km run. He spoke about how staying healthy was more of a lifestyle choice rather than following a diet, which he said he doesn’t believe in. His top tip for a healthy lifestyle? “I suggest a mix of any kind of workout, whether running, swimming or working out in the gym, coupled with a good balance of carbs, protein, fats and fibre. That is the easiest approach you can take.” He also demonstrated a quick and healthy Mulagapodi Chicken Rice Bowl. This yummy dish consisted of curd rice topped with gunpowder-coated chicken and banana chips.

Dimi Lezinska
Foodies at L’Affaire 2019 were in for a treat with Dimi Lezinska’s session on rustling up simple cocktails at home. The ace mixologist relied on unusual ingredients and flavours such as pickled onion brine, guava, mulberry and ginger to make four cocktails. “Keep it simple,” said Dimi. “Unlike in food, you don’t have to use too many ingredients in a cocktail. The lesser, the better.”