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Food Art – an innovative way to chronicle food tales

28 September 2018 , 0 comments / 0 likes
With over 100 cuisines existing around the world, it is one of the most diverse subject to document. Food art is a simple yet precise way of capturing the intricacies of different cooking styles. At the Culinary Chroniclers Conclave, an exhibition of food art by various artists was an attempt to showcase the broad and distinctive flavour of Indian cuisine. Below are the few gems that were showcased at the conclave:

Through her foodles (Food illustration), Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal has perfectly blended the art of documenting food with having fun at the same time. This display of Dal Tadka doesn’t merely capture the dish but also the recipe and ingredients. Speaking on her display, Rushina said, “Food illustration is an artist's depiction – it’s not something that a camera lens can capture. It's the artists' job to make a dish look extraordinary, inspiring, breathe life into everyday dishes and the ingredients used.”

Pooja Khanna created this beautiful art of Gajar ki Kanji using acrylic paint. Reminiscing  about her big Punjabi family get together during winter, she says, “We used to sip this fermented Kaanji drink and relish the crunchy and mildly sour carrot pieces.

Using the linocut printing technique, Jai Ranjit’s display of the Indian thali was a break from the modern printing formats. Speaking on his presentation, Jai said, “I chose the Thali as it’s a staple and a simple thing we all know from our childhood which unfortunately not many are exploring anymore.” Speaking about his unconventional printing style, he said, “Lino printing is an age old style of printing and I want to bring it back to capture the culinary history of India.”

Displays that too caught everyone’s attention..

  • Some partnerships are surely match-winning. Abhijit Kini’s art shows food items that perfectly complement each other.

  • You thought a vegetable market is a messy place? Rushina’s art on these perfectly arranged veggies creates a beautiful visual of vegetables.

  • Subhashini Chandramani’s display was on point with the use of items of varied colours that brought out the essence of her art.

  • Avantika Agarwal breaks the notion of using only visuals to represent food. She creates imagery using words which the audience found very interesting.

  • Shubhasree Sangameswaran uses art to not only describe the food but also its preparation.

Tell us with a comment below a food item that you would love to see as a food art.