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Chef Ranveer Brar’s new app goes live

18 March 2019 , 0 comments / 0 likes
The celebrity chef launched the eponymous mobile app, which contains over a thousand recipes and serves as a one-stop shop for its users’ culinary needs


Chef Ranveer Brar has teamed up with Hungama Digital to launch a food application named after him. The Ranveer Brar app keeps pace with food trends, recipes and the chef’s thrilling journeys across India discovering flavours and cultures. It aims to be a one-stop shop for all its users’ culinary needs. The app boasts of over a thousand step-by-step recipes.

The app includes various sections:

  • Food Mat: This section contains handpicked recipes which suit a variety of diets and lifestyle preferences. These are sorted under various categories such as regional, homemade, gluten free, lactose free, healthy, etc.
  • Recipes: Step-by-step recipes to help even a beginner whip up delicious food.
  • Travel Diaries: Videos of Chef Ranveer’s trips where he shares his favourite cuisines from across the world and his recommendations on what to eat where.
  • Daily Diet: Tried-and-tested tips on how to eat healthy and remain fit.
  • About Me: Helps the user get acquainted with Chef Ranveer and includes never heard before food-related trivia about him.

The Ranveer Brar app has also been integrated with Amazon’s Alexa Cooking Skill, which makes cooking convenient, hands-free and foolproof. Through this, users get access to 250 popular recipes and an exclusive Cooking Tip of the Day. Users can search for recipes with step-by-step guidance from Alexa. The cooking skill even offers users the option to rewind the recipe, in case they miss out on a step.

Chef Ranveer says, “In this modern fast-paced virtual world, it is only food that can bring us back closer together. I am doing my bit to bring cooking closer to anyone who wishes to dabble in it, from a novice to a gourmand. This is a treasure chest, alcove even, of my learnings over the years and recipes from across Indian shores. I hope these help you share a meal with me and get a glimpse of my kitchen.”

The application is available for download on Android and iOS.