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How to style and photograph your chicken curry

27 July 2018 , 0 comments / 1 likes
Have you ever looked at a chicken curry and wished you could capture its aroma through your camera? With its texture, the redness of the gravy and the meaty pieces, chicken curry is a delight to work with. But shooting it also brings in a few challenges: how much to garnish it? how the curry should look? how the lighting should be? It’s all about knowing the right techniques to get the best shot of your chicken curry. Food photography is all about making someone drool over the shot of your food. At the Culinary Chroniclers Conclave, Godrej Tyson Foods organized a masterclass on how to style and photograph a chicken curry hosted by renowned food photographer and food Stylist, Saba Gaziyani. Here are the top takeaways from that exciting session

Know your food

While shooting the food, it is paramount that you know it well. The ingredients and their properties come in handy while shooting. Accompaniments which go well with your curry will enhance your image. A basket of paratha, pickle, a glass of chaas and pappad to accompany will go well with your chicken curry and add some depth to the field at the same time.

Keep it neat

Make sure the chicken pieces are coated with gravy and don’t have a dry spot. As you position the chicken pieces in your gravy, you might leave your fingerprints on them. Use a paint brush to smear some gravy on the pieces before you take a shot.

Let it look natural

Lighting the curry is one of the most vital parts of your shoot. You must remember to do so in a way that makes it look as natural as possible. Your lighting source should have an end, which means it should fade out.

The shoot timing matters

What time of the day you are planning to show through your chicken curry is also important. The lighting and composition of the frame will differ accordingly. Lunch will have a much brighter tone of light as compared to dinner. A dinner meal will be a shade or two darker.

Get the mood right

The image of your chicken curry should also be able to capture the mood. It’s a simple rule: food images are nothing without the mood. You need to have the embellishments around it, like the table top, napkins, spoons etc. All these matter for a great shot and enhance the effect of the image.

To sum it all up, food styling and photography is a very ambiguous medium, each and every food dish can look good, but you just need to have the vision to see it. You can learn about aesthetics and balance by looking at different food images and how they are shot.

Have you tried styling and shooting food? What challenges have you faced? Let us know in the comments below.